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Highlands School is a School for Specific Purpose (SSP) located in Renwick, near Mittagong in the Southern Highlands. The school has a current enrolment capacity of 42 students enrolled from schools in Wollondilly and Goulburn Networks (7-10) that exhibit challenging behaviours, emotional disturbance and/or autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and the effects of Adverse Childhood Experience's (ACE's). Our students come to us through a Regional Panel after an application is made by their current local school. The school is in a semi rural setting and is well resourced with a Science Laboratory, working Industrial kitchen and Café, Basketball Court, School Hall, Playing Field, Music Room, Art Room and STEM Room. Highlands School provides access to the full NSW curriculum, at stage appropriate level, with adjustments made depending upon our student’s literacy, numeracy and social needs. Our teachers collaborate with the student, their family and the census school to develop individual integration and transition plans, learning plans and support plans. Our students are supported with a Positive Education structure to reach their set behaviour targets before reintegration into census school, pathways to other education or employment settings as appropriate. Highlands School operates six classes currently, with each class consisting of seven students, a Student Learning Support Officer and a generalist teacher. Classes are divided in to stages, with the emphasis on meeting NESA requirements with the goal of our students achieving the Record of School Achievement (RoSA) if they complete Year 10 with us.

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School Prospectus 

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